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Growic Technologies prides itself as being a great place to build a career. New employees are groomed and nurtured to grow to their full potential from the moment they become GrowicTians. By fostering a dynamic, vibrant and creative work atmosphere, providing ample opportunities for growth and laying a great emphasis on training, every employee is steered towards an optimal career path.

At Growic Technologies, a perfect work – life balance, an open and friendly ethos, and a culture of reward and recognition go a long way in contributing to a fulfilling professional environment.

There is a constant endeavour to enhance skills and knowledge at a personal level to improve the capabilities of GrowicTians. Technical and soft skills training, workshops, team building activities, and management development programmes are a regular feature here.

The opportunity to work at global locations offers employees both flexibility and growth in career development. GrowicTians are encouraged to align their individual objectives with organisational goals, and to make Growic Technologies- a globally respected organisation obsessed with customer delight and growth, driven by a passionate team.

"So now you don't have to make a choice between money and happiness as you get both together at Growic Technologies".

Fraud Alert

Attention Growic Technologies job aspirants and applicants:

In a rapidly changing environment, our reputation remains our greatest business asset. We have built our reputation on the bedrock of nurturing values and ethics where integrity towards all stakeholders, both internal and external is of utmost importance. We are committed to living up to our values and hence there is no compromise made on the quality of talent we employ.

Please note that there are fake job offers being made in the name of Growic Technologies. Candidates who have posted their resumes on certain job portals and websites have been offered employment with us on the condition that they make a payment to specified bank accounts.

Growic Technologies does not take payment from candidates for employment purposes and will not be liable for any kind of loss or damage incurred as a result of dealing with such entities.

If you receive any suspicious or fraudulent offers, email us at ¬ with 'Fraud' in the subject line.

How to identify hoax email job offers:

  • The emails come from a free, public domain email account (such as or and not a company email id such as
  • They request a cash deposit in a bank account or payment in some form
  • They ask for personal details such as bank account, credit card number, personal address, social security / PAN number
  • If the email begins with 'Dear Sir' or 'Dear User', the sender of the email does not know you by name. A legitimate source will address you with a proper salutation, which contains your last name
  • Another way to identify fraudulent job offers is when you spot several grammatical errors in the email text. This would not usually happen in an email from a legitimate company
All enquiries, requests, and questions regarding the authenticity and validity of job offers or interview confirmation mails being received by you, or by any external source, must be addressed to the above mentioned e-mail address. Growic Technologies issues this declaration on behalf of its affiliates and successors to ensure that individuals will refrain from being lured into accepting such fake offer letters and / or make any payments to fraudulent entities or individuals.


  • Experience : 0-2 years
    Positions : 150
    Location : Hyderabad
    Qualifications : BE/B.TECH/ME/M.TECH/B.COM/MCA

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